1. The Internet offers people access to information about the world we live in. The technology that shapes the Internet is rapidly reshaping the world around us. It is changing how we live and how we do business. The experience of learning and using the Internet can sometimes be frustrating. The capabilities of the equipment you use, the speed of the modem connection and the quality of the telephone company phone lines affect Internet Services. The Internet Service Provider uses POTS (Plain old telephone system) phone lines just as you do to deliver the Internet. These phone lines are designed for voice not data communications. If you live in an area where the phone lines are old, you may experience problems when connecting to the Internet, such as getting disconnected and slow connect speeds. These occurrences are symptomatic of poor telephone company lines. You may occasionally hear static when you’re making voice calls. The Internet Service Provider does not and can not control the quality of the telephone lines in your area.

    1. Your equipment and software must be configured properly in order to connect to the Internet. We provide customers with instructions and software to do this, but it can be frustrating for people who are new to computers. If you have problems connecting to the Internet, please call us so we can assist you. 
    2. shastainternet.com exercises no control whatsoever over the content of information passing though the Internet. shastainternet.com makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the services it is providing. shastainternet.com will not be responsible for any damage you suffer. This includes loss of data resulting from delays, non-delivery, miss-deliveries, or services interruptions caused by its own negligence or your errors or omissions. Use of any information obtained via shastainternet.com is at your own risk. shastainternet.com specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through its services.
    3. shastainternet.com may only be used for lawful purposes. Transmission of any material in violation of any U.S. or state regulation is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted material, material legally judged to be threatening or obscene, or material protected by trade secret. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless shastainternet.com from any claims resulting from your use of the service, which damages you or another party.
    4. Any access to other networks connected to shastainternet.com must comply with the rules appropriate for that other network. Use of shastainternet.com itself may be for any lawful purpose. Use of shastainternet.com for lawful commercial purposes is both permitted and encouraged.
    5. Your first payment is due at signup for monthly, quarterly and for annual accounts. Accounts are pre-billed. Accounts are in default if not paid within ten (10) days of the billing due date. Accounts in default are subject to a late charge of 10% of the account balance. If your check is returned to us unpaid, you are immediately in default and subject to a return check charge of $25.00 from shastainternet.com. If you default, you agree to pay shastainternet.com it’s reasonable expenses, including attorney and collection agency fees incurred in enforcing its rights under these Terms and Conditions.
    6. Accounts that are in default will have their service suspended. Such suspension does not relieve you from your obligation to pay the service charge. Any account that has had its service suspended due to non-payment will remain on a suspended status for one (1) month. If payment is not made by the end of one month, the account will be closed and the login and e-mail name will no longer be held. Any e-mail messages that may be on our server will also be lost.
    7. shastainternet.com offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all new services, except for DSL, Charter Cable and Programming services. After that time, Start-up fees are NOT refundable. Monthly fees are NOT prorated. Annual fees are non-refundable 30 days after signup and/or term renewal and are subject to a $25.00 early termination fee. DSL and Charter Cable Internet services require minimum one-year commitment and are subject to a early termination fee of $200.00 or the balance of the contract, whichever is lower. DSL modem is warrantied in full for one Year.
    8. shastainternet.com is NOT responsible for long distance or toll charges incurred by customers dialing for Internet services. shastainternet.com is NOT responsible for any additional service charges incurred by employees, Agents, or other persons use of the Customers account authorized or not.
    9. Hosting Services:
      1. Server Upgrades: We occasionally upgrade our servers to keep up with changes and improvements in our website hosting technology.  We also upgrade website hosting servers to fix problems that cause viruses to infect customers website.  Occasionally your website may need to be updated to run properly on your hosting server.  If that happens, the customer is responsible to pay for that upgrade.  The Customers website developer can assist you with any needed upgrades or you may higher shastainternet.com to help you with the necessary upgrade.
      2. Use of shastainternet.com software & code: Websites developed by shastainternet.com provide customers with the right-of-use of software owned by shastainternet.com as long as the website is hosted on shastainternet.com servers.  Customers may not use website code on other webservers without express written permission by shastainternet.com.
    10. Hosting & Email Services infected by viruses: Viruses on customers websites and customer computers may be cause for suspension of services until such viruses are removed. shastainternet.com retains the right to block a customers email account or turn off a customers website in the event that it is discovered that the respective computer or website has been compromised. shastainternet.com offers services to clean customers computers or their website in the event this happens. All charges associated with removing any virus infection from compromised computers or websites are the responsibility of the customer. If shastainternet.com discovers a virus infection, we will attempt to contact the customer to inform them of the problem and to work out a resolution to remedy the problem as quickly as possible.
    11. These Terms and Conditions supersede all previous representations, understandings, or agreements and shall prevail, not withstanding any variances with terms and conditions of any order submitted.
    12. shastainternet.com reserves the right to change its Terms and Conditions of service at any time. shastainternet.com reserves the right to change the price of any of its services at any time. Customers are required to abide by the current terms and conditions available on our website.
    13. shastainternet.com may schedule from time to time interruption of some or all of it’s services in order to perform routine and necessary maintenance and/or upgrade equipment and software. shastainternet.com will notify you in advance via e-mail of such downtimes in order to minimize the inconvenience to you. shastainternet.com is not responsible for any damages suffered by you during such scheduled or nonscheduled interruptions of services.
    14. shastainternet.com reserves the right to cancel services at any time.
    15. Use of shastainternet.com Internet Services constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
    16. shastainternet.com reserves the right to remove services that are unused for a period of one year or longer. Email may be stored on the server for a period of one year, after such time it is subject to removal.