What You Need To Know About DSL

How can my dsl line be good up to the house yet bad on the inside?

There are many factors that can affect DSL performance in your house. First thing to check is that you have installed the DSL Line filters properly on every phone, fax, modem, or any other telephone device that shares the same line as your DSL.
A big factor is quality of the wiring. Using a longer telephone cord can cause a lot of problems. Test this by moving your equipment closer to the telephone jack. Secondly, most common houses were wired in a manner where all the jacks in the house are in series, running from the phone box outside to the first jack in to the house and then to the next jack and so on. So this adds a lot of splices and places for noise to be introduced onto the telephone line.

How many filters do I need?

You need one for every phone jack you use (even for fax, and answering machines). Please be aware that home alarm systems and certain kinds of emergency assist phone hookups may complicate things and may require you to use a special filter.

Will changing my phone number effect my service?

YES! To avoid interruption of your service, call us at least four days before the change. Call us before getting Vonage or Magic Jack.
I am moving when should I notify you?
You MUST notify us as soon as you know the date you are moving, at least 4 days notice. Your DSL service MUST be transferred to the new address. Failure to do so will cause interruption of the service.

What do I do when I can't connect to the internet?

Check your modem to see if all the lights are on and green. Try powering off the modem, your computer and your router if you are using one. If that does not work call us for support 24/7.

Will Vonage or Magic Jack work with my DSL connection?

Yes, BUT you will still need to keep your ATT phone service for your DSL to work. If you cancel your phone line it can take up to two weeks for service to be reinstated.

What affects my connection speed?

When you connect to the Internet using a DSL modem, the speeds that you will experience will vary based on a variety of factors, including the following: